What’s behind the statistics the analytics and the visualizations that today’s brightest data scientists and business leaders rely on to build powerful decisions? You may not always see it but it’s there. It’s called R Open Source R The statistical programming language that data experts the world over use for everything from delineating broad-spectrum social and marketing trends online to developing the financial and climate representations that facilitate drive our economies, and communities. But what exactly is R? And where did R start? Well originally R started here with two profs who wanted a better statistical scaffold for their students so they created one modeled after the statistical expression S. They, along with many others remained is currently working on and using R generating new tools for R and discovering new have applied for R every day.

Thanks to this worldwide community endeavor R remained thriving with thousands of user-created libraries[ parcels] built to enhance R functionality, and crowd-sourced quality validation and support from the most recognized industry-leaders in every orbit that uses R. Which is great because R is the best at what it does letting experts quickly and easily interpret, interact with, and imagine data. Join the rapidly growing community of R users worldwide, and be seen to what extent open root R resumes to shape the future of statistical analysis, as well as data science.

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