Can you share a simplest neural network( eg: XOR input) which contains at least two concealed layers and back propagation with least number of codes( less than 30 lines would be better) and numpy from bottom up.

no machine learning libraries keras, tensorflow, theano..etc


From the videos suggested by marcosmarxm I have reproduced the codes in its simplicity. But still dont know how to handle backprop. Any assistance https :// anonymous/ 44 dbf6 1283 d1aa3e13c0645cc505f8c5

DenseInL2 shared his wonderful and simplest neural network script in the comment section but I am going to share the link here itself https :// DenseInL2/ SimpleXOR

Another code http :// python3. codes/ neural-network-python-part-1-sigmoid-function-gradient-descent-backpropagation / shared by kosmoi

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