If youve ever wished to use your darkest headaches, youre in luck. A brand-new neural network job called Pix2Pix lets you turn your illustrations into animals of scary.

The tool was established by Dutch Public Broadcaster NPO . Utilizing expert system, it tries to turn your illustrations of a face (or whatever you desire) into a re-creation of among its speakers, Lara Rense.

And the outcomes are, well, frightening. While it makes worthy efforts to think where the eyes, ear, mouth, hair, and so on need to go, its not constantly precisely on the cash.

Hundreds of illustrations and photos of Rense were gathered by NPOs listeners to feed into the synthetic smart system. Utilizing the tool, it then triesto match your efforts to Rense, making some watercolor-esque paintings.

Make it stop. Pix2Pix

The concept appears to be based upon edges2cats , which was a comparable synthetically smart system established previously this year. Utilizing Googles open-source machine-learning task Tensorflow, Christopher Hesse established the task, which was simply as freaky as this newest version.

You can check out Pix2Pix here , however do not state we didnt caution you.

( H/T: prostheticknowledge / The Verge )

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