Amazon simply purchased Whole Foods for $13.7 billion which is a big offer! This is among the greatest offers of the year and is a huge relocation for Amazon into grocery, an area where its typically been very bad.

It likewise implies that Amazon is going to be a big rival with other merchants, beginning the foodpocalpyse and sending out other grocery stocks crashing . Its most likely the greatest story in the previous month, if not the entire year. That suggests that its going to be selected apart in every method and examined constantly consisting of by us over at TechCrunch.

But theres just a lot we can do right this minute. Let the takes circulation, we state. Here are a couple of giveaways:

Amazons Secret Weapon: Whole Foods Fridges

What Does The Amazon/ Whole Foods Deal Mean For Instacarts IPO?

Jeff Bezos Was in Whole Foods to Buy ____, Then Decided to Buy the entire Chain

How Amazon Buying Whole Foods Will Make Seattle Cool Again

Jeff Bezos Is The New Warren Buffett

How Amazon Buying Whole Foods Signals the Future of Drone Shopping

This one:

Walmart Should Buy Safeway, Costco or (insert extra merchant here) to Defend Against Whole Foods

How Are Millennials To Blame For The Amazon/Whole Foods Deal?

Amazon Buying Whole Foods for $13.7 B Just Proves Everything has to do with Big Data

Why Walmart Buying Bonobos for $310M Is a Way Bigger Deal than the $13.7 B Whole Foods/ Amazon Deal

Amazon Just Spent $32M for Each Whole Foods Store

Facebook Should Be Terrified of Amazon Buying Whole Foods

Amazon Buying Whole Foods Could Be a Huge Win for IBM Watson

Good luck!

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